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Tutu Lab is a new software development company based in Krakow, Poland. Our first iPad app for kids, Foodo Kitchen, was released on May 15th, 2014.

Our team consists of just two passionate women dedicated to making beautiful, carefully-nurtured, quirky apps and games. We don't have a masterplan, we're just doing what we love.

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Natalia Berdys

Natalia Berdys

Coding Like a boss

Natalia Berdys has been an avid gamer and computer tinkerer since early childhood. After receiving her M.A. in American Literature, she taught herself to program with the aspiration to make oddball games and whimsical apps for Apple platforms.

She has been coding for over a year and finds the Objective-C programming language poetic and allegorical. When she's not coding or encouraging others to start doing so, or getting excited about obscure nerdy stuff, she loves gaming on old consoles, playing her bass guitar and performing at karaoke bars.

Joanna Dudoń

Joanna Dudoń

Master Illustrator

Joanna Dudoń is a native Polish highlander who ditched her folk costume to pursue a career in graphic design. While studying Journalism, she spent her nights drawing, finally becoming a self-taught illustrator 2 years ago.

Since her sources of inspiration lie mostly in her dark imagination, she particularly enjoys illustrating the eerie, outlandish and mythical, such as monsters or nocturnal creatures. She enjoys experimental cooking, but the results are inedible, so she's about to start a collection of tin wind-up toys instead.

Our work

Foodo Kitchen

Available now

Foodo Kitchen is a kids' iPad app about making desserts from scratch, according to hungry monsters' wishes, feeding them caringly and getting their very expressive feedback. The app includes cracking eggs, pouring flour and milk, rolling dough, baking in an oven, rich freestyle sections with flavours, colorings, sprinkles and wacky decorations.

Our premise is an app that's free of language or cultural context, without text or tutorials, intuitive even for the youngest ones to pick up. We know the importance of freedom to experiment and play around: there's no scoring or time limits, just a baseline cake order upon which anyone can improvise using their culinary and decorative creativity. We also put fun and atmosphere first: the illustrations maintain a grumpy, shaded style, complemented by mischievous sound effects and sneaky music, while the monsters-customers each have their own distinct personalities and voices.

The illustrations were created by Joanna Dudoń, programming was done by Natalia Berdys. Animation was performed by our talented friend, Robert Kalfas. The entire app's design was also evolved and realized by Natalia and Joanna.

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Screen Foodo Kitchen Screen Foodo Kitchen Screen Foodo Kitchen


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A delightfully sweet game designed to boost children’s memory and observation skills through intuitive play.

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The app is intuitive enough for kids ages 2+ to play on their own.

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Foodo Kitchen

Our press pack contains resources for reviews and articles - concept art, a press release, team photos, screenshots and visual assets.

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